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Basically there are two types of indoor rebounders that are suitable for both children and adults. Many keep fit enthusiasts reckon that Bungee rebounders (small size trampolines) are superior to traditional metal-sprung rebounders. Because of their 'stretchiness', Bungee cords it seems can better optimise the gravitational resistance - or G force - that is exerted on each cell in your body as you bounce up and down. In comparison, metal spring rebounders - particularly the low quality variety - can be harsher on your joints and spine due to their inability to flex sufficiently under tension. And because they are non-adjustable they cannot compensate for differences in a persons body weight and muscle strength. It is rather like sleeping on a mattress that is permanently too firm or too soft, sooner or later your body will suffer. Unlike Bungee cords, metal spring rebounders tend to be quite noisy which may cause problems - particularly if your rebounding disturbs the neighbours or sleeping children. In addition to the noise, metal springs usually wear out more quickly than Bungee cords and are not easily replaced if they break or stretch. However, a good quality metal spring rebounder may be a suitable choice for those on a limited budget.  


Although Bungee cord rebounders are often preferred by keep-fit enthusiasts and professional sports people, Bungee cords - like metal springs - are not normally adjustable for changes to your body weight or intensity of workout. However, thanks to a recent innovation, traditional 'fixed-tension' rebounders may soon be rendered obsolete. TheDietCoach™ Team have tracked down the world's first 'one size fits all' Bungee-Rebounder (subject to an upper weight limit). This revolutionary design in exercise equipment allows the user to adjust the softness or firmness of the rebounder mat as required - this has never been possible until now! A built-in variable adjustment feature offers numerous tension settings of the Bungee cords thereby enabling you to increase or decrease the firmness of the bounce to suit your own body weight, general level of fitness and muscle strength. This means that other members of your family could share the same Bungee-Rebounder, saving you the expense of purchasing individual rebounders in the future. For details of approved suppliers and an online link to a video demonstration, contact TheDietCoach™ Team. Note: Beware of counterfeit exercise equipment (often manufactured in the Far East) that Trading Standards have found to be poorly made or even dangerous.


Bungee-Rebounding is a perfect way to get your lymphatic system working efficiently by cleansing, toning and strengthening every cell in your body simultaneously. The lymph system works according to your level of movement, and without sufficient physical activity, toxins, poisons and heavy metals will lay stagnant in your body. Not flushing your lymphatic system is like filling your wastebasket with rubbish and allowing it to pile up week after week - not a good idea! But this is what can happen if you are not regularly 'working' the individual cells in your body.


Bungee-Rebounding flushes the lymphatic system via a safe and scientifically proven method of repetitive up-and-down movement of the whole body. The tension and relaxation phases experienced by your muscles encourage fluids to move along the lymph vessels a little further during each rebound. The hundreds of one-way valves contained in your lymph system only allow the lymphatic fluid to flow in one direction. Rebounding therefore encourages more rapid draining of the entire lymphatic system which leads to accelerated detoxification and improved purging of toxins including bacteria, viruses, cancer cells and other waste compounds.


If your goal is to reduce excess body fat (i.e. weight loss), there is no other form of exercise as effective. Rebounding is particularly suitable for people who don't wish to undertake gruelling cardio workouts in the gym or pound the streets running or jogging. Scientists discovered that the gentle up-and-down motion of rebounding helps release an enzyme in your muscle cells that breaks down fat cells and converts their contents into useful energy.

Bounce Your Way To Better Health - All You

Need To Know About Bungee Rebounding!

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a Doctor or health care professional before attempting any exercise routine on a rebounder or trampoline - particularly if you're pregnant, you wear a pacemaker, you have recently undergone any medical treatment, surgery or procedure, or you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, obesity or Osteoporosis.

Bungee Rebounding improves your health in at least 30 different ways:


Bungee-Rebounding is a low impact exercise routine that reduces excess body fat, firms your legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips - increases your agility - improves your sense of balance - strengthens your muscles over all - provides an aerobic effect for your heart - rejuvenates your body when it's tired, and generally puts you in a state of improved health and fitness. Rebounding is up to 80% less stressful on bones, joints and ligaments when compared to running or jogging on a hard surface or treadmill.


Unlike a full size trampoline typically used by gymnasts, Bungee-Rebounding is easily performed in your living room, bedroom, office, garden, patio or on the beach and is the most convenient, metabolically effective form of exercise around. Rebounding is endorsed by N.A.S.A. - plus Olympic and professional athletes around the world.


There are many benefits provided by Bungee-Rebounding, including the following:


   It supports and encourages improved bone strength

  •  It circulates more oxygen to the cells and tissues

  •  It establishes a better equilibrium between oxygen required by the tissues and the oxygen made available

  •  It causes muscles to perform work in moving fluids through the body to lighten the heart's load

  •  It tends to reduce the height to which the arterial pressures rise during exertion

  •  It lessens the time during which blood pressure remains abnormal after severe activity

  •  It holds off the incidence of cardiovascular disease

  •  It increases the functional activity of the bone marrow in the production of red blood cells

  •  It aids lymphatic circulation, as well as the flow in the veins of the circulatory system

  •  It encourages collateral circulation

  •  It strengthens the heart and other muscles in the body so that they work more efficiently

  •  It allows the resting heart to beat less often

  •  It lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels

  •  It stimulates the metabolism

  •  It promotes body growth and repair

  •  It tones up the glandular system, especially the thyroid to increase its output

  •  It adds to the alkaline reserve of the body which may be of significance when requiring prolonged effort

  •  It chemically helps to attain absolute potential of the cells

  •  It enhances bodily strength and physical efficiency

  •  It expands the body's capacity for fuel storage and endurance.

  •  It improves coordination through the transmission of nerve impulses & responsiveness of muscle fibres.

  •  It supports muscular vigour from increased muscle fibre tone

  •  It offers relief from neck and back pains, headaches, and other pain caused by lack of exercise

  •  It enhances digestion and elimination processes

  •  It allows for better and easier relaxation and sleep

  •  It results in a better mental performance, with keener learning processes

  •  It curtails fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women

  •  It minimises the number of colds, allergies, digestive disturbances, and abdominal problems

  •  It tends to slow down ageing

  •  It reduces the likelihood of obesity


How Bungee-Rebound Exercise accomplishes so many positive benefits:


Bungee-Rebounding involves aerobic movements performed on a bouncing device that looks like a small trampoline. It has you jumping up and down for improved health and fitness. The repeated vertical movement of the body creates a G-Force which is one of the key reasons why rebounding is superior to many other forms of excercise. As an ideal jumping device, the Bungee Rebounder has a strong woven mat attached to a sturdy metal frame by elasticated bungee cords. The entire jumping surface of the mat will typically be around 30 to 40 inches in diameter.


For beginners and others who may feel unsteady on their feet - particularly the elderly, handicapped and disabled - an optional stabilising bar can be added to the frame of the rebounder (see images above). It's attached to two of the frame's legs so that the individual needing more security can hold on to this bar and still obtain all the aerobic, cardiovascular, bone strengthening and lymph exercising benefits.


When jumping on a well-constructed Bungee-Rebounder, you are likely to feel invigorated and filled with a sense of well-being. People who rebound find they're able to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous. The effect is not just psychological, because the action of bouncing up and down against gravity, without trauma to the musculoskeletal system is one of the most beneficial aerobic and bone-strengthening exercises ever developed.


Bungee-Rebounding aerobics is working with gravity to cleanse your soft tissue and cells thereby acting as an oxygenator, which, in turn, lightens the load on the heart. Also it's fun to bounce! Much more than fun, however, rebounding provides a number of physiological pick-me-ups for the person who sustains this activity for at least ten minutes, twice a day, or a single daily session of around 20 minutes or so. As you bounce, your feet hit the mat with at least twice the force of gravity. Then just as the astronauts experience while floating in space, your body is in a state of weightlessness or zero gravity at the top of the bounce.


Jumping on a Bungee-Rebounder is remarkably kind to your joints. There is no jarring effect on your bones because you are not landing on a solid, hard surface. Your movements are perfectly safe, and they make the effect of gravity beneficial. By working against constant gravitational pressure while bouncing, you resist the Earth's magnetic pull. Your resistance is subtle, but it builds cellular strength and flexibility. Rebounding's alternating weightlessness followed by double gravity produces a pumping action which pulls out waste products from the cells and soft tissue via the lymphatic system while simultaneously forcing vital oxygen and nutrition around the blood stream.


The Oxygenating Effect of Bungee-Rebounding:


If you have a resting heart rate of less than 60 beats a minute, don't smoke, don't have chest pain, live a healthy lifestyle, and engage in rebounding for 40 minutes each day, at least five days a week, theoretically it's not likely that you'll ever develop a heart problem if you don't have one now. Jumping on a rebounder helps you attain your heart rate target zone every day that you rebound for the recommended 40 minutes.


Bungee-Rebound exercise strengthens your heart in two ways: It improves the tone and quality of the muscle itself, and it increases the coordination of the fibres as they are encouraged to 'push' blood out of the heart during each beat. The aerobic effect while you are rebound-jumping equals and often surpasses that of running.


Your rate of rebounding will vary, depending on how vigorously you bounce and how high you lift your feet off the mat. Bungee-Rebound exercise offers the ideal aerobic effect because it fills all the requirements of an oxygenating exercise. For example, it has been claimed that the vast amount of oxygen taken in by Dr. Samuel Kofsky over a sustained period was the true source of his cancer remission. Rebounding might be considered a precursor movement for enhancing other complementary oxygen therapies.


Bungee-Rebounding offers a less stressful means of reducing excess body fat and stubborn cellulite while simultaneously firming body tissues. Even jogging gently on the rebounder burns calories effectively.


The Detoxification Effect of Bungee-Rebounding:


The lymphatic system is the metabolic waste disposal network of the body. Providing it is working optimally, it rids you of toxins such as dead and cancerous cells, nitrogenous wastes, excess fat, infectious viruses, heavy metals, and other assorted junk cast off by the cells - including fat cells which are used by the body as a way of storing unwanted toxins. The movement performed in rebounding provides the stimulus for a free-flowing system that drains away these potential poisons.


Unlike the arterial tree, the lymphatic system does not have its own pump. It has no heart muscle to move the fluid around through its lymph vessels and one-way valves. There are just three requirements needed to activate the flow of lymph away from the tissues it serves and back into the main pulmonary circulation. Lymphatic flow requires muscular contraction from exercise and movement, gravitational pressure, and internal massage to the valves of lymph ducts. Rebounding is the only single excercise routine that accomplishes all three of these actions simultaneously!


Because rebounding is so effective at removing waste products from the cells and from the body, a greater volume of arterial blood enters the capillaries in order to furnish the cells with fresh tissue fluid containing food (nutrients) and oxygen. The bouncing motion effectively moves and recycles the lymph and the entire blood supply through the circulatory system many times during the course of a rebounding session.


Bungee-Rebounding is both a lymphatic and aerobic exercise. And unlike other forms of physical activity you do not experience any jarring effect to the ankles, knees, hips and lower back that comes from hitting the ground. Due to gravitational force your lymphatic channels are subjected to hydraulic pressure which moves fluids containing waste products from cells and tissue around and out of the body through the left subclavian vein.


Bungee-Rebounding's Stabilising Effect on the Nervous System:


Bouncing on a Bungee-Rebounder is an excellent method of reducing stress. It can put the bouncing person into a trance like state and totally relax him or her. Jumping for health and fitness not only stabilises the nervous system during the exercise period, but continues to help maintain equilibrium after one steps off the device. The result is increased resistance to environmental, physical, emotional, and mental stress. It may possibly help an individual to avoid psychosomatic disease and mental or behavioral instability.


Bungee-Rebounding may be enjoyed for a lifetime and adjusted to your own particular level of fitness. It is safe, convenient and inexpensive, and its protective effects against degenerative diseases make it one of the most effective forms of motion in the work place, in recreational pursuits, or in simply exercising for the care of your body and mind.


The Physical Muscular Effect of Rebounding:


James White, Ph.D., director of research and rehabilitation in the physical education department at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), has explained how jumping for health offers a true physical strengthening effect to the muscles. He said, "Rebounding allows the muscles to go through the full range of motion at equal force. It helps people learn to shift their weight properly and to be aware of body positions and balance."


An advocate of rebounding for athletic conditioning, Dr. White uses the rebounder in his rehabilitation program at UCSD. "When you jump, jog, and twist on a rebounder you can exercise for hours without getting tired. It's great practice for skiing, it improves your tennis stroke, and it's a good way to burn off calories and lose weight," said Dr. White. "My students tell me it's so much fun that they often exercise on the rebounders for their own enjoyment." Dr. White added that jumping for health is more effective for fitness and weight loss than cycling, running or jogging and it has the added advantage of producing fewer injuries.


To assist you in choosing a suitable rebounder we have published this Amazon customer testimonial:

Awarded 1 out of 5 stars from Ali in the UK: "not for lengthy, sustained daily use, poorly made". This is an Amazon Verified Purchase review of a mini-trampoline rebounder manufactured in China:


"Item arrived fast. I was a bit sceptical about this one as someone wrote in review that one of the legs arrived broken, but i ordered it anyway because of the positive reviews. Unfortunately mine also had the problem with one of the legs, it simply wouldn't screw on, However, the problem was immediately rectified by the company when i phoned, and a new leg arrived in post 3 days later... My main problem is that i bought this item to aid a weight loss programme that started on the Monday (i couldnt use the trampoline till wednesday of 7 day plan) The plan suggests approx 1hour 30mins a day of rebounding, to which i stuck to religiously for a month, untill one of the springs broke off during a session!!!

RESULT? Badly torn ligaments in both feet, extremely painful and difficult to even walk let alone exercise, thus a major set back in weight loss plan; I was 77kg to start with so i dont think my weight had anything to do with it breaking, lol, Just poor workmanship; VERY DISAPPOINTING ... I am saving up for a # brand name removed # as i do love this type of exercise, its addictive but if you buy bad quality you will hurt yourself!"


CAUTION: If you are new to rebounding, then before you consider making a purchase, we recommend that you write to us at: and request a call from one of our staff who will answer any questions you may have. We can explain the different options and designs that are available and how they compare. For example, are elasticated bungee cords always a better choice compared to metal spring rebounders? There are important differences between springs and bungee cords that you should take into account when choosing the correct equipment for your particular needs. Please note, we do not necessarily endorse, promote or recommend any specific brand or manufacturer that may be mentioned on this web site.


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Bungee Rebounding could be a perfect 'antidote' for our sick society!


Bungee-Rebounding is a unique form of exercise that involves bouncing up and down on a small size trampoline fitted with elasticated cords - the effects are almost magical! Bungee-Rebounding is simple, surprisingly easy to do, safe, a lot of fun, and can be beneficial for almost anyone regardless of their age or physical condition. Bungee-Rebounding combines the Earth's gravitational pull with low impact, vertical movement. This has the effect of toning, strengthening and healing the entire body in just 20 minutes per day!


Why is Bungee-Rebounding so beneficial? Because it will help cleanse, nourish and oxygenate virtually every single cell in your entire body. If your cells are healthy, it is almost impossible for you to be sick. Only when a large number of cells malfunction can you become diseased. We have always known that exercise is good for health and the reasons why are becoming clearer all the time. Research presented at a meeting of the American Thoracic Society found that physically stretching cells has a profound impact on their biochemistry and behaviour. Moving and stretching a cell helps to supply essential nutrients and to eliminate toxic waste more efficiently. When you bounce on a Bungee-Rebounder your entire body - including internal organs, bones, connective tissue and skin - becomes stronger, more flexible, and generally healthier. Both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are vastly improved ...


Visualise for a moment a balloon filled with water. Hold the balloon by its stem and observe how gravity pulls on the water, slightly stretching the balloon. Now move your hand rapidly up and down and observe how the extra gravitational force causes the balloon to significantly stretch and distort. When you bounce up and down on a rebounder, this is what happens to every cell in your body. Bungee-Rebounding alternately puts pressure on and takes pressure off your body's cells, like squeezing a sponge. This moving and stretching of the cells facilitates nutrient delivery and toxin removal, which is exactly what we all need to achieve optimal health! When normal cell chemistry is enhanced, all sorts of wonderful things happen to your cells, tissues, and systems. These include improving brain function, lean muscle building, fat burning, tissue healing, blood pressure regulation, appetite moderation, better balance and coordination, elimination of fatigue and countless other physiological enhancements. All of this without having to take time out to visit the gym!


The enthusiastic 'gurus' above are describing the amazing benefits that are achievable from even a basic rebounding exercise programme. However, beginners are advised to seek the guidance of a health and fitness instructor or Doctor before undertaking any new exercise routine.

RebounderImageSeniors babyexerciser

Medical experts are directly linking regular physical activity with cancer outcomes for

patients. Listen to this BBC Radio Broadcast:

A Beginners Guide To Bungee Rebounding:


It's only natural - Babies just love to bounce! This desire for the whole body to move vertically against the force of gravity is built into our DNA, indeed some Parents even install a full size trampoline in the garden for their children to play on. However, this pleasurable activity has also attracted the attention of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). They have confirmed through scientific trials that rebounding is probably the single most effective form of therapeutic exercise yet discovered, and the reported health benefits are truly astonishing ...